Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Days of Summer are Here!!

What a day yesterday. Sooo hot. We don't have automatic waterers outside or inside for the horses. We tried that for inside the barn..and if the temp. dropped in the winter to fast..it froze up. Who needs the worry about a floaded barn. In any case we have large buckets that we fill for the horses. This was keeping me busy yesterday. Pepsi one of the mini's is priceless, he loves to dunk his head down to his eyes and swirl the water around. What a funny little guy. The rest of the horses just look at him. Sure would like to know what they are saying to themselves about that stunt. He is also the one that seems to get kicked a lot. Pepsi wanders from one group to the other grabbing hay snacks. Just does not go over well. If he would just stay with one batch of hay and eat..life would be a lot less painful. He even gets in trouble with his mate another mini. I don't want to separate the mini's from the riding horses if possible..hopefully they sort it all out themselves.

Today is going to be another 33 degree day so staying close to home. I know some people in other areas are used to warmer days than this..but oh my..I don't like it this warm. There was a major blackout in Toronto last nite..so many people with no hydro..oh those hot apartments..ugh!!!

Keep cool..and enjoy the day. Heading to the barn then some sewing.


Delighted Hands said...

That is the nice part about sewing-it can be done no matter the weather outside!

Marilyn said...

Hot....Hot .....Hot here!!
Am in the AC with my felines!!