Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to Normal!

Whatever around this place! We had a nice Christmas. Friends and family came and went so lots of laughs. I have de-christmased the house and have most of it packed away the way it should be for another year. The tree is an issue as usual. The bag I store it in is a little to small so now to figure out another solution. At this point it may be the stand and a sheet in the baseement. I am trying to find another tree bag that is bigger than the one I have. Using that smaller bag has not helped the life of the on to find a new bag.

Rod got home from the East Coast at 6:30pm Christmas Eve. In over 30 years of trucking he has never almost missed Christmas. Boy it was close this year. The storms on our East Coast have been terrible. At one point he was not going to be here for Christmas Day. Looked like he was going to be sitting in Quebec City for the day. Thank heavens between weather and a co-operative company where he had to make a all worked out. It has been many years since I have seen him so tired. After a week off he is ready to hit the road again. Kally and Fuzzy cat will not get her treats all day I will go back to my sewing and take over the barn chores.

Our daughter and her family are having a wonderful holiday in the Cayman Islands. They went to swim with the Dolphins which was planned ahead. Oh my what an adventure that was. The girls were just over the top excited about the entire adventure. Can't wait to see them in person to hear the stories.

Just starting on a new quilt for Rod. The quilt in the truck is to small so here we go with another one. (The colours of the one last fall did not work out) So this time I got him to look at the fabric The pattern has a southwestern look so hopefully this one will be ok. It is on the top of my sewing list of things to get done.

Somehow I need longer days. Between the B-Line a new sewing machine and software..I am not finding the days long enough to play with of course the horses are always put first. One day at a time.

Happy New Year To All

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scrappy quilter said...

And yet another quilting blog to add to my favorites. It's so nice to have to many to visit on a regular basis especially when quilting is your passion.