Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ford Focus 2007..Tires!!!

I guess I should just let this go without fussing about it....but that is not going to happen for a few days.

Yesterday I took our car to the dealership to get the snow tires put on. Great staff, I always enjoy going there no complaints about them at all. My arguement is not with them..it is with FORD.

When I went in I said..please check the wear on the tires that are on the car. We have 34,000km (hatchback style) on the car..why should I EVEN begin to think that there is something wrong is My Thinking before I even made the request. I explained..well it just does not seem to handle well in the rain....just does not seem right. It is hard to tell just looking at a tire!!
CAN YOU BELIEVE it the tires are DONE!!! WORN OUT....and there is no warranty...no discounts offered by FORD on new tires..thats IT....TO BAD..there worn out.

Now before I went in I did a Google and did see that other owners have had issues with there tires also so I did have an idea I may be in trouble..but had "hoped" that the tires were not as bad as I had thought. So I left the darn tires there. No point in fighting with Ford..not good for the blood pressure. What the heck they did not charge me for getting rid of them (lucky me) and if I had brought them home I would have had to pay a dump fee after several months of writing letters and making phone calls that did me NO good at all.

So much for quality control....cars and trucks should come with tires that will last longer than this. So if you are going into winter with a Ford Focus people...and you think because it is a relativlely new car..that you don't need to check the tires..think again. Slow down and check your tires no matter what make you own before you get into an accident.

Lovely bill coming up this spring for new tires..Nice..thanks FORD..!!!!


Delighted Hands said...

I'm sorry; pride in product is unfortunately a thing of the past!

Betweens said...

I just went through your whole blog and oh boy do I love your wonderful life..your "boys" are beautiful and the world around you even brings ME great joy so glad I was able to find your blog through Quilting blogs it was so very worth it..