Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sunny Days

Yesterday was snowy like most of the country but today is great another sunny day. Last weekend our granddaughter called and wanted to go for a ride. So she and the young gal that keeps her horse with us saddled up and went out in the fields for a short tour. The wind came up so they were not out that long but at least they got to enjoy the horses. I think the horses had even more fun than the girls did.

Our horses are just so social. As soon as anyone comes in the yard they are right at the fence wanting attention...or I managed to get a few pictures. Ears about that.

My constant companion Tippy

With it being such a nice day I am off to do some fabric shopping. I have a lapquilt that is almost finished so time to get some backing fabric. Have a great day.


Linda said...

Hi Judi, Your girls look great apon those beauties. Horses that are so large and yet so gentle.

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful horses; I love the pic of your cat-what long whiskers!

Jackie said...

So that's where all our sun has gone!