Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mini Blast of Winter

All around us there is massive snow building up as the week progresses. Oh my goodness some people are having a heck of a time of it. Snow is falling lightly so it is accumulating but not to the extent some are getting it. Cold enough -8 with the wind chill it is -18..brrr!! Horses are glad to be in at nite I am sure. At least they seem to be happy to see me at my usual 4pm feeding. With the usual water to be filled up, vitamins ect.,hay and bedding it is usually around 5 - 5:30 before I am finished. I do hope this winter the temps don't drop much colder..I am not wanting "that"..lol

This past weekend I surprised my dear husband with a new Kitchen Aid Mixer. Our old one had finally died. He was raised with his Dad as a baker and worked for years in the bake shop. We had our own bake shop when we were younger and still have all the old recipes from his father's shop. So this weekend was the weekend for making Christmas Cake. He even went so far as to give a try at making pastry. Both turned out great..he has not lost his touch. It looks like a lot of cake..but it is not by the time we give some as gifts and our friends attack it..lol. So the mixer is a winner and will be staying. Note that it is red...lol..to go along with the washer and dryer in the entrance way..lol. It has been well broken in on its first day of work!!

Now I will play around with small batches of cookies..but will leave the large amounts to hubby..lol.

Enjoy the day!!


Delighted Hands said...

Brrrr, kitchen is not my fav room but love the gadgets!

Jackie said...

You just have to love a man that bakes! I hope your family and the horses stay warm. With the temperatures you're experiencing, that won't be an easy thing to do.

Beverly said...

You gave me a good chuckle with that picture of your mixer. I have a black one just like it and could not survive the kitchen without it. Like yours, mine is often covered in flour too!!! It looks a bit frostier there than here, but it is frigidly cold here. Keep warm and enjoy the holidays, friend!!

Bunny said...

I am happy to say that we were a recipient of the cake and it was fantatic. Thanks can't wait till next year for more LOL.