Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day & Birthdays

Well here it is another did that happen. As a kid I always had a heart shaped Birthday cake(15th is my day) my Mom made me..with dark chocolate cake and Double Boiler Icing..OMGoodness was it good. So much for those good Now with watching my cake. Why bother, if it can't be the old fashioned cake..I pass!!That will not stop me from enjoying the day thats for sure.

It has been a wonderful weekend. Yesterday we went to friends for breakfast. Oh what a treat. Then off to the barn to see there new horses. A team of Percherons only 2 years old. What a sweet pair..and BIG..Wow!!Gotta ask first about posting pictures..but will if they say it is ok. Then home so hubby and friends could watch Nascar. Somethings have What a looonnnggg race. Ugh!! Welcome to the start of another race

Have a table runner all finished. Well I still have to quilt it..but that is just a small Now on to finish up another project waiting for me.

Oh..anyone out there with a BowFlex exercise machine? Grrrr!! Hubby bought one and now it is in the middle of my livingroom. Now that is a it looks "bad" to my eye..and the other problem ..that is where my quilt frame sits when I want to use it. We have a very long room so it does not interfere with the sofa and TV..BUT!! Now it is all in the eye of the beholder I guess..but I don't think my frame looks nearly as ughly as this BowFlex. We have to come to some decisions because there is not enough room for both. What a dilema!! Will let you know what happens..grrr!!!

Enjoy the day..


Delighted Hands said...

We are building a room to hold the manly stuff like that! I sympathize!
Happy Birthday..........great table runner!

Beverly said...

Lovely runner, Judy!!

Bunny said...

Well I am totally ashamed of myself for forgetting your birthday. I owe you one. How come I forgot it, you know I need to be reminded LOL I am getting old. Well Happy Belated Birthday. We need to get together and open a bottle of wine and have a glass or two or three.

Anonymous said...

I love your table runner...does it match your quilt you made? OMG you are so talented...Do you sell your quilts?