Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turkey's & Sewing

As I do every morning I went out and started the car so it could warm up before heading to the barn. Another cold start to the day. I heard something off to my left and there on the road was something very they came closer..yes they were wild turkeys. Boy can they The school bus came along and scared them off into the field but they did come back later and hang around the area for the rest of the day. There is a large flock of them close to the barn but they mustbe hungrey and on the move. I always have an eye out for them as they do cross the road and you sure do not want to hit one of them. Could do a lot of damage. They are becoming almost more of a nuisance than the deer. On the other hand the coyotes out rank both of them. We have 3 packs in behind us that are constantly howling during the night. They think nothing of taking a wander around our yard at the house. Rather unnerving to say the least so I am very careful when taking Kally out in the evening. Needless to say the cats never go out. The barn cats are always locked up at nite also. I have never been able to get a picture of the little fox family that used to wander cute were they. Lots of wildlife..just have to be at the right place at the right time.

With everything away from Christmas I am finally enjoying some sewing time. Just small projects but why not. This winter weather is going to be here for awhile so lots of time to get into some larger projects. A friend is on her way over with a quilt she needs help with so that will be a fun morning.

Have a Great Day!!!


Delighted Hands said...

It is always a balancing act-the pleasure of nature nearby but not the danger of it! Glad you are getting some sewing time in.

Rhondi said...

Hi Judi
Thanks for leaving a comment today. The quilt in your header is beautiful. I presume you made it? I have a friend named Jane who is a quilter. She used to live in Mississauga but now is in Burlington. I lived in Toronto most of my life and my sister lives in Havelock. I hear you've been having nice weather the last couple of days!