Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cute & Smart the Clyde's have been going to the same stalls in the barn for many years. On the other hand the mini's are new to us and the barn. It has amazed us how the big boys still wander into each others stalls, walk past there stall..have to turn get the drift. On the other hand..the little guys from the start always have gone to there stall..and the little girls the same. So go figure!!! I am not going to try and figure this all out but it sure puts the stupid pony comment to rest at our barn.
Again..the first day we let the little girls out in the field with the boys they had a ball. They raced after each other..and made up all sorts of games.The girls had never seen an electric fence and managed to pull it all down. Rod and I were not impressed..what a job putting it all back together. The little ones watched every move as we It was like they were thinking ...humm how did we make this mess..sorry!!!It has only happened once.

This is April..I call her snowball as a't she the cutest. She sure is ready for the cold weather.


Delighted Hands said...

Just so sweet is right. A neighbor has several little horses and they are beautiful creatures.

Bunny said...

Oh Judi they are the cutest darn things I wish I could just visit and see them in person. Hmmmmm one of these days when our lives settle down..LOL or we just should tell everyone we are BUSY LOL

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Just found your blog from Bee Haven....I love to stitch too! I was saddened to read about your chicken loss...isn't it true what a sad memory that is? We lost 7 hens early this spring to those darn coons.

Cute blog!

happy Thanksgiving!