Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where did June go??

Last day of school today. June has gone so quickly. I am sure both the teachers and the kids are thrilled to be finished. This hot weather I am sure has made it hard on everyone. Looking forward to some time with our granddaughters. They always manage to keep themselves busy while here. So far the kittens have not been born so they will be busy checking up on the momma cat at the barn. Just hope the hot spell is over, I don't do well in the Barn time is much more enjoyable when it is a little cooler than what we have had the last few days.

I went into town yesterday to watch some young gals that were graduating from Grade 8 get there pictures taken. The girls looked amazing. Our neighbor took one of his horses and cart in to escort the girls..(one of the girls was his daughter)back to the school after pictures. I have watched this young gal from a baby grow up....hard to beleive she is starting high school this fall. The pictures were taken at the local park and of course Smokey got lots of attention. He is a sweet guy who is very people Boy did he enjoy the attention.

I have been sewing..honest. Hopefully the next post will have some Stitches and not just Hooves. Maybe the name should be changed for this Oh well I guess you can tell where my priorities are.

Storms are in the area but so far no rain here. Sure could use some. Things are pretty dry. Hubby is on his way back from Halifax and has run into some of it. Maybe later on this evening we will get lucky and have rain.

Enjoy the to do chores. Hey is your post..hope to be more posting in the

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Bunny said...

Wish I could have had a ride in a carrage like that. Steves horses are so beautiful. I am sure you will have a blast with the grandkids great place for them to play and bug hunt. More kittens you have kept that from me LOL.
Have a great day Hugs.