Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We think !! 3 boys & 3 Girls..

So how cute are these little ones. I have to take another picture. This was taken the day they were born. (Thanks to Bunny at Creative Hare for framing the picture..how cool is that..she did the other ones as well. Gotta learn how to do that..)There little eyes are just starting to open. The big one in the middle I call Bruiser..lol he is all boy..going to be a dandy lad. Keeping him..as well as one female which I will decide on later.

Spring brings all sorts of jobs that need to be done rather than sewing. The ice on the lake is trying to break up..a few more days of sun will help that. Hoping the ice just sinks rather than causing shore damage. Our Clyde's nice clean white legs are muddy....they look like a pair of orphans..lol.

Dog walking time..see ya!


Lori said...

Too cute! Have a great day. Lori

swooze said...

I wanna see a new kitty pic! I would love to have one but the dogs wouldn't tolerate it.

paula, the quilter said...

O how cute! I currently do not have a fur friend around, maybe later.