Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter & Happy Birthday

Hubby's Birthday is this weekend and so is Easter. Not sure that that combo has ever happened before in his life. Will have to check into that. Heading off to our daughter's today for a visit and of course lots of food..and the all important cake.

Yesterday we made up a Birthday cake and had a great celebration with our friends. What a with lots of laughs. When you get past 50 there seems to be even more need for the laughs..!!!

For anyone out there that enjoys cards..namely CRIB. Well there is this board called Crib Wars!!! Unless you are prepared to spend every weekend playing don't buy it. Hubby got it for his 60th Birthday..well!!! Every weekend he and his buddies have a great time at the table laughing over the messes they get themselves into. (I am no fan of card games..geesh when you could be quilting..what are they In any case you can get this game at Home Hardware, has to be a special order. If you want the sku # let me know. They sure "seem" to enjoy themselves.

Happy Easter!!

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